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Daily Consulting is a group of companies specializing in providing legal services, audit and appraisal to Russian and foreign businesses.

Our mission is:

Through provision of professional legal support
We favor higher efficiency of business.

We started our business in Russia in 1996 and saved it through troubled 1998 by helping our clients save theirs. Since than we gained extensive experience and achieved higher level of expertise, with every year increasing the number of offered services and attracting new clients.

Our clients may concentrate on the product they sell or service they offer, while we take care of the rest: legal issues, commercial disputes, accounting, Tax Management, authority relations, etc.

So, here is the deal:

We: Provide complex legal, tax, accounting and audit support to your business – do what we know best.

You: Do what you know best – keep growing and expanding, moving up with your business, be it production or development, trading or teaching…

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